Sunday, October 31, 2010

Toe-sides and fat slides

An Ode to my board.

I love you

I have also thoughroughly fallen in love with physics. The act of, and results from opposing forces dancing a fine line of balance, sailing along while standing still. Flying between opposing air particles, deflecting and disturbing as few as possible while going as fast as possible. It's a good feeling.

Today I toe-slid for like 3 hours almost, railing the same corner over and over, just hitting it faster and faster. Today I really grasped a few things. That if you want a turn, you'll have it. It'll all depend on wether or not you get low enough. Truthfully, sloth on your board and loosen those knees and nerves and you can rail any corner. Spot it out early, eyes up, and you'll put yourself in place for it. My legs really got worked these last two days, My arches feel like they've never been loved. Foot massage for me, anyone?

I love dropping into a corner and adjusting my body position, legs and knees moving to keep my center of gravity above the rail, using outriggers called hands to stabilize, pushing into the ground, attacking the corner. And I can see the potential in this. It's beautiful how much is possible with this sport. Just look at the short "We got d'em purps" with K-rimes, swizer and kelley with louis pilloni bombing some mountain in cali, probably. I, personally, want to be there.

So a heads up. If you haven't listened to the Gorillaz "every planet we reach is dead" while carving you haven't really experienced experience and really should. Also, O Green world and of COURSE dirty harry.

Shred always!

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