Friday, October 29, 2010

Van City All DAY`

Getting back from a one-month hiatus from shredding, what else could I do but hit up south van? I stopped in to Landyachtz to talk and see what was new. The good folk there set my board up for downhill. See, I figured my board could shred the gnar straight-line style. I mean, it's pressed, it's basically an evo but with zero de-wedging in da back. But it DOES have the deep haunches in the front, with simply an easier sliding geometry because of the forward rake. And I got PHAT trucks that are fairly wide, defenitely look like they can handle downhill. Sometimes I do just bomb with my board, but i get wobs pretty swiftly. So they confirmed my thoughts and I got me some stiffer bushings, some 89's now, i think, instead of my old 80's. Stoked.

Left the shop in freeride mode, and followed guy's direction to school run in south van. I found this many awesome alleyways:3. But that's 'cause I got fairly lost. I didn't really mind, I had enough bus fare and I didn't really care where I went. I just wanted to carve, really. And vancity offered me quite a few quiet, sloping streets for a leisurely cruise. I would DEFEnitely appreciate moving there and doing that all the time. Although, for the time BEING, PoCo is defs a great place to practice. Quiet, secluded neighborhood with only two busy streets and a few bombs for your pleasure. Not very lengthy ones, but they're enough.

I found a little sesh -slope. A super-steep ramp that dropped down about 3 feet in one foot. That's what south van is great for, the organic paving in the alleyways. All the concrete slopes, walls, drops and carves are so fun to shred. I seshed it for about an hour, then...


I got chased out of vancouver by some light drizzle that started about forty minutes into my slope-sesh. I'm lucky it held out THAT long, I at least had a chance to get back to bombing after getting back. Which I had a chance to do last night when I bombed coast meridian.

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